Global IP Protection

In an era of globalization and rapid e-commerce development, safeguarding intellectual property on an international scale is essential to ensure your business’s rights and sustainable competitiveness. Filing applications worldwide helps establish a solid legal foundation to protect your intellectual assets in the global market.


Challenges and Hurdles

Filing international applications can present several challenges for local applicants.

  1. Understanding Regulations and Procedures: The process of international applications requires in-depth knowledge of the regulations and procedures of each country or region. Applicants need to grasp the specific legal requirements and unique provisions of the countries they intend to file in.
  2. Language and Communication: Effective communication during the international filing process involves using foreign languages and interacting with foreign IP offices or regional IP offices. Precise and efficient communication in suitable languages can be a challenge for the local applicants.
  3. Costs and Finances: International applications may incur significant financial expenses. Application fees, examination fees, and related costs vary for each country and procedure, which can exert financial pressure on applicants.
  4. Multinational Management: When filing for international applications, applicants must simultaneously manage multiple applications in various countries. This necessitates efficient management and monitoring of filing processes, examination timelines, and deadlines in each country.
  5. Conflicts and Disputes: During the international filing process, local applicants may face conflicts with others’ intellectual property rights or engage in disputes. Addressing these issues and safeguarding interests across different countries can require skilled dispute resolution abilities.


What we support for applicants

To help local individuals and businesses navigate these challenges and obstacles, our international applications service plays a crucial role. We offer comprehensive and professional assistance in the process of filing for international patents, Trademarks and Industrial Designs.

  1. Evaluation and Consultation: We assess and advise on your intellectual property rights, determining the necessary scope of protection and related rights concerning international applications.
  2. Document Preparation: We assist you in gathering and preparing the necessary filing documents, including drafting comprehensive and accurate materials as required.
  3. Filing International Application: We handle the filing of international applications on your behalf through relevant international organizations and offices in specific countries or regional IP offfices.
  4. Monitoring and Protection: After filing, we monitor and update you on issues related to your intellectual property rights on an international scale. We provide support in safeguarding your rights, including addressing infringements and conflicts concerning intellectual property.

“International Applications” service aims to provide peace of mind and comprehensive access to the global intellectual property protection system. We are committed to delivering the highest-quality service to meet the needs of businesses and individuals seeking protection on a global scale.