About Us

IP TRANSPATE is one of the professional agencies specializing in IP consultation and translation services. We recognize the significant impact of intellectual property on economic and social development. However, registering IP rights often poses challenges due to national legal barriers. With our team of experts who possess extensive knowledge in the IP field, we offer comprehensive consultations to help you navigate these complexities and overcome any obstacles that may arise during the registration process. Our aim is to ensure a seamless experience and minimize difficulties when seeking protection for your intellectual property.

Additionally, we provide exceptional translation and localization solutions that prioritize accuracy, efficiency, confidentiality, and cultural sensitivity. By bridging language gaps and paying attention to cultural nuances, we facilitate meaningful connections between you and your target audience, enabling effective communication and fostering successful engagements.

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OUR GOAL is to bring clients and partners optimal solutions with a reasonable cost and high-quality solutions.
OUR VISION is to become a global company that provides IP consultation, technology transfer, and multi-language services with reasonable prices, fast response, and high performance.