Globalization creates opportunities in the modern world. A company with success in its national market will likely expand abroad. The market is gigantic, but human creativity knows no boundaries, and we always invent new things. Nowadays, medicine is so advanced that new medicines are created on a daily basis. It is very similar in other industries such as biotech or IT. Usually, these new inventions hold great potential for generating income and helping the world. In order to benefit fully from this potential, we should launch them globally.

It is generally a complicated process but there is one aspect of it that’s particularly important, which has to be done carefully and accurately. It is a patent translation service. As we know a patent protects the industrial and intellectual property of the inventor, giving him the exclusive right to sell the invention. Negligence in this matter might limit or even eliminate our success chance in the global market. It should be everyone’s goal to translate their patents properly, so they are protected in international markets.

Let´s assume for example that you have a British patent but want to expand into the German market. Your British patent won’t be valid there. Therefore, you would need to apply for a patent in Germany, a patent that is written in German. In order to avoid some really bad consequences that a poorly translated patent can bring to your company performance, you should hire a highly experienced and skilled translator. Patents are complex, technical documents, written in a professional language full of the specific vocabulary of an industry and one should only hire a company with a great experience in patent translation.

Why is International Patent Translation so difficult?

As mentioned before patents are very complex and detailed technical documents. Even a small mistake made during translating their content can have some bad consequences. International patent translation is challenging and very different from regular one.

Normal translation, also known as Free Translation or Dynamic Translation, is all about preserving messages in a way that sounds natural in another language. Direct translation, also known as Literal Translation, would often sound unnatural so the translators tend to pay attention to the sense of translated text instead of translating it word by word.

Due to its nature as a legal, highly technical document, it is impossible to do the same with a patent. Every single word has to be directly translated, which is very challenging. A translator fit to such a challenge would need to have absolutely perfect knowledge of the language and of all industry-related vocabulary. Certified patent translators are usually native speakers specialized in specific industries like medicine or biotechnology.


Patent translation importance in the times of Pandemic

The work of patent translators is especially important nowadays in the globalization era. The big flow of people creates danger of new diseases such as the COVID-19 pandemic. In this case, it is crucial to develop a vaccine or cure as fast as possible in order to gain control over the virus. Spreading the vaccine worldwide would require the work of many patent translators. These skilled specialists can translate medical and legal documents quickly and accurately, allowing us to spread vaccines worldwide and fight off the virus.

Strategies you can use while entering Global Markets

If you have a great product that will surely be desired worldwide, such as a vaccine, for example, you should use tactics that will reduce the costs of the translation. Maybe you would like to expand your business into a new region. You can reduce your costs, by covering markets that speak one language. If you would translate your patent into Arabic, you can cover the whole Gulf region. Europe is a good choice as well, thanks to European Patent Convention which currently has 38 members and accepts applications in 3 languages: English, German and French. With a single application, your patent is protected in every member’s economy. This definitely holds great potential for reducing your expenses, but it is also risky. If you would hire the wrong translator which would make some errors in the document, you can lose your patent in all of these countries and in addition have some legal issues in each of them, which will greatly increase your expenses for lawyers, penalties, etc.

That is why hiring a professional who knows the challenges and difficulties of translation is so crucial when translating a patent.


What are the consequences of incorrect Patent Translation?

Suppose that you are translating the patent for your newest medicine. This is a very important vaccine that will be used to fight back against the latest Coronavirus disease. This patent of course includes the list of ingredients required, plus the method and steps to create the vaccine. A bad translation can indicate a wrong substance or procedure, which can be dangerous for your customers, and a disaster for your company and the whole world.

Keep in mind that a company that decides not to hire a professional is likely to face all of these unpleasant consequences. These are some of the things you might face:

  1. Loss of money
  2. Legal consequences
  3. Idea theft
  4. Increase in expenses
  5. Creation of strong competition
  6. Project relays

As we can see, hiring the wrong translator may cause you, and maybe the whole world, more harm than good.

Patent translation

Being able to properly translate patent documents is one of the most desirable skills in the translation industry. There is no doubt that patent translation is one of the most demanding fields of translation.

In IP TRANSPATE we stand out from the crowd and offer you the highest quality and expertise, which you can trust. We, including experts who deeply understand the IP field, provide consultations on IP matters so that any difficulties may be avoided when registering for the protection of intellectual property. In addition, we provide translation and localization solutions with accuracy, efficiency, confidentiality, and cultural nuance to create meaningful connections.

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